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Electrophoresis Equipment

Electrophoresis Chambers

Mini Single Cell Electrophoresis Chamber

Ideal for the teaching laboratory, the Mini Single Cell offers convenience, safety, and economy.

Your students can pour leak-free mini gels (7.2 x 9.3 cm) in a unique UV-transparent gel tray that requires no messy taping. They can choose from one of the four well-forming combs provided to load gels with 6, 8, 10, or 12 samples. After electrophoresis, the gel tray can be perfectly positioned over the viewing surface of the FOTO/Phoresis® UV or White Light Transilluminator for visualization and photography.

The molded electrophoresis chamber requires only 150 ml of buffer, and is made of sturdy, clear acrylic, allowing students to monitor the run while in progress. The chamber is also constructed with convenient holders for storage of combs when not in use. An interlocking safety lid with attached leads ensures that power to the gel is disconnected when your students remove the lid, preventing accidental electrical exposure. Platinum electrodes provide a uniform, corrosion resistant, electrical field.

Ordering Information:

Catalog Number: 1-1408
List price: $345