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Electrophoresis Equipment

Accessories and Replacement Parts

Replacement Combs

For the Mini Single and Dual Cell Electrophoresis Chambers

Ordering Information:

Catalog number: 1-1427 (8-well, 1.5 mm)
List price: $12

Catalog number: 1-1416 (12-well, 1.5 mm)
List price: $12

Mini Gel Tray

This no-tape tray fits either the Mini Single Cell or Dual Cell Electrophoresis Chamber. It is also designed to fit the FOTO/Phoresis® UV and White Light Transilluminators. Tray includes FOTODYNE's unique adjustable gates for trouble-free gel casting.

Ordering Information:

Catalog number: 1-1418 (without combs)
List price: $60

Catalog number: 1-1426 (with two each 8-, and 12-well combs)
List price: $72

Catalog number: 1-1405 (replacement screws & washers, 10 each)
List price: $10