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Customer Comments & Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying:

  • "I would be happy to be a reference for your system. The protein purification group in our center bought one of your competitors systems over my objections. Now technicians in the purification group come down here to use mine because theirs doesn't work as well."
    — R. Wrobel, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • "The video camera employed by FOTODYNE for gel imaging allows various users to optimize images of individual gels in real time and rapidly so that there is little loss of staining intensity. New users can be trained rapidly and easily, and our images have drastically improved in quality from the digital camera system that was being used previously."
    — J. Olson, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
  • "FOTODYNE's FOTO/Analyst® MiniVisionary and ImageViewer system could be called their 'MostValuable and InnovativeViewing' system for educators. The MiniVisionary alone is coveted by all of our teachers for its (1) ease of use, (2) clarity of photo, (3) incredible resolution, (4) speed of photo production, (5) low cost per photo, and (6) fun of offering students 'wallet-size' copies to flash at friends...Highlighted at school open houses, parents and school administrators are always delighted and impressed that their children are using and benefiting from the first rate technology provided by FOTODYNE equipment and support."
    — The Gene Connection
  • "Your FOTO/Phoresis is one of the most brilliantly designed pieces of laboratory apparatus that I have seen, and it sees daily use at my bench."
    — Kenneth A. Pidcock, Ph.D., Wilkes University