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  • The first DNA transilluminator with mid-range, 312 nm bulbs—the optimal wavelength for viewing ethidium bromide stained DNA.
  • The patented FOTO/Phoresis® benchtop electrophoresis and photodocumentation system. Safe, reproducible gel photography at the lab bench—no need for a darkroom.
  • The first preparative DNA transilluminator for cutting out bands—the FOTO/Prep®. Features high and low intensities to avoid nicking DNA, and a hinged UV blocking shield.
  • The patented FOTO/Convertible Dual Light Transilluminator. The first dual light transilluminator to feature a space-saving, hinged white light electroluminescent panel.
  • The first hood-mounted digital imaging system—the MiniVisionary System provides quick, inexpensive thermal prints of gels.