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Scientific Advisory Board

  Dennis Devitt is the Director of Marketing and Licensing in the Office of Technology Development at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He received a M.B.A. from Keller Graduate School of Management and an M.S. in Biology with an emphasis in Molecular Biology from UW-Milwaukee. Mr. Devitt has over 23 years of business development, marketing and product development experience in the life science industry and academia.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of BioForward (formerly the Wisconsin Biotechnology and Medical Device Association).
  Dr. Laura Heisler is the Director of Programming at the Wisconsin Alumni Foundation (WARF) in Madison, Wisconsin. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from UW-Madison and is Registered Patent Agent. Heisler has ten years of experience as a research and scientific writer in the biotechnology industry. She has extensive experience in the preparation of grant applications and in intellectual property management.

Educational Advisory Board

  Patrick Arndt teaches Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Advanced Genetics at Berlin High School in Berlin, Wisconsin. He also holds several Adjunct Instructor positions at UW-Stevens Point. Arndt has an M.S. in Environmental Education and B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from UW-Stevens Point. He has received several state and national awards for excellence in science education.
  Betsy Barnard has been teaching Biotechnology and Physics at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin since 1993. She has an M.S. in Genomics Education and B.S. degrees in Science Education and in Dietetics from UW-Madison. She has presented many professional development workshops to teachers in biotechnology and physics at national and state conferences. She has received a national award for Excellence in Biotechnology Education and is a National Board Certified Teacher in physics.
  Diana Brandner is the Laboratory Coordinator for the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Program at Madison Area Technical College. She has an M.S. degree in Science Education from UW-Madison and a B.S. Degree in Biology from UW-Stevens Point. Brandner has 18 years of life science education experience preceded by five years of academic and industry research.