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  A World-Class Partnership
A World-Class Partnership

Core Beliefs That Drive Our Business
by Brian Walsh
President & Owner

A Specialist Approach
For over 30 years, FOTODYNE has successfully concentrated on designing, manufacturing, and supporting a well-defined, yet flexible product line. By intent, this specialization holds us accountable for creating products that are inventive, effective, approachable, and durable. Bigger is often not better. You will not find us listed on a public stock exchange. At FOTODYNE, you will find real people to communicate with when you need competent technical specialists who understand the importance of your work.

Life-Long Interest in Science
Science appreciation is part of our corporate culture, and FOTODYNE employees from all departments will be quick to confirm this. To develop great products and support them effectively, our team must understand how and why they are used. To ensure our long-term success in serving researchers and educators throughout the world, our team must also understand how and why science moves forward. FOTODYNE was founded by a chemist who leveraged his scientific expertise with his entrepreneurial spirit to actively lead the company for more than twenty years. That role was passed on to me in 2002. I am guided not only by my educational and professional credentials in bacteriology, molecular biology and marketing, but also by my formative years as a proud, self-confessed life science “geek”.

Research AND Education
Too often in our field, companies focus on either research or education, but not both. It’s as if they think the teaching and learning processes stop as soon as degrees are handed out. At FOTODYNE, we believe scientific advancement is the product of a two-way interaction between these worlds. In a healthy system, research feeds education and education feeds research. Yes, there are key differences when looking solely at these groups as customers. However, if we keep our eyes on the bigger system, it is possible to segment the markets without segregating the players.

A Strong Brand
We are fortunate to have created a brand that promotes intense customer loyalty. When I first started working at FOTODYNE in 1990, I was struck by the number of researchers and educators who would stop by our exhibit booth to gush about our products and service. That still happens, and it never gets old. Customers tell us there is a certain prestige in being the lab that is known for having the most reliable imaging system. And there is a certain pride in working with gel boxes that stand up to use by thousands of students every year. This is our great reward.

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